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Project management in logistics and supply chain management : practical guide with examples from industry, trade and services

Tác giả: Dirk H. Hartel

This practice-oriented guide comprehensively describes the basics of planning and implementing project management in logistics and supply chain management. It also presents a range of methods and tools for assessing project risks and monitoring projects. Containing ten detailed and practical...

  • Vị trí lưu trữ: 7/25 Quang Trung
  • Tổng sách: 2
  • Đang rỗi: 2

Risk management in port operations, logistics and supply-chain security

Tác giả: Khalid Bichou, Michael Bell, Andrew Evans

Risk Management in Port Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Security is the first book to address security, risk and reliability issues in maritime, port and supply chain settings. In particular this title tackles operational challenges that port, shipping, international logistics and supply...

  • Vị trí lưu trữ: 7/25 Quang Trung
  • Tổng sách: 1
  • Đang rỗi: 1

Supply chain risk management : how to design and manage resilient supply chains

Tác giả: John Manners-Bell

The third edition of Supply Chain Risk Management details how to approach various threats, including black swan events, natural disasters, climate change, cargo crime and piracy, and terrorism and security. Using case studies and recent, topical examples, this book demonstrates how to successfully...

  • Phiên bản: 3rd ed.
  • Vị trí lưu trữ: 7/25 Quang Trung
  • Tổng sách: 5
  • Đang rỗi: 5