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Accounting -- Examinations, question

Principles of accounting : 12th ed.

Tác giả: Belverd E. Needles, Marian Powers, Susan V. Crosson

The first section is Concepts and focuses on the overarching accounting concepts that require consistent reiteration throughout the course. With a clear understanding of the concepts, you are then ready to experience the second section--Accounting Applications. Here you practice the application of accounting procedures with features like "Apply It" and a new transaction analysis model, which clearly illustrates how transactions are the result of business decisions and recorded in a way to show their effects on the financial statements. Finally, you utilize section three, Business Applications. This section illustrates how the concepts and procedures are used to make business decisions.

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Accountant auditor

Tác giả: Landau Michael

Introducing five parts such as applying and studying for your exam; Sample examinations for practice; Previous questions classified by subject matter; Principles of supervision; Final sample practice examination.

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